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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Blauwe Kamer

1 July 2020

OOZE's ongoing project 'LEAP: Lokaal Energie Actie Plan' in Bospolder-Tussendijken, Rotterdam - part of IABR-2020-DOWN TO EARTH - has been featured in the Blauwe Kamer #2 2020 issue in a great write up by Martine Bakker. The article titled 'Ook de medemens is ontwerpmaterial' (fellow man, too, is a tool for design) explores the various initiatives in the neighbourhood that involve residents at the heart of planning processes, building towards an integrated approach to the many transitions the area is set to go through in coming years.

The magazine (in Dutch) can be bought here.

LEAP - Local Energy Action Plan, Rotterdam


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