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The Guardian

12 January 2015

King's Cross Pond Club: outdoor swimming in the city

by Sally Goble

King’s Cross in London, which currently seems like one big building site, is getting an appealing new feature: an outdoor swimming pond, filtered by plants. Would you like to swim in a city pond?

I would never visit the seaside without having a swim. Fish and chips taste different when you have sand between your toes and a taste of sea salt on your lips. A seafront promenade looks different when you are bobbing around in the waves. Piers look different when you are swimming underneath them rather than walking along on top.

I once went on a swimming holiday to Malta, and I saw almost nothing of the island from land. I saw none of the major tourist attractions. Instead, I swam around the island, in coves and bays, along dramatic cliffs and in lagoons. I saw the land rising up out of the sea and large, imposing churches on faraway hills.

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King's Cross Pond Club


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